Thursday, June 04, 2009

Surfing In Portugal

Surfing In Portugal Guided Surf Tours signed up with "The trips will include one week of pure adrenaline! We will visit major surf spots, along the breathtaking coast of Portugal. Accommodations include: hotels (breakfast included), surf equipment, permanent surf instructors, and transportation from Oporto Airport, along the coast and back again. With great knowledge and experience, your Portuguese Surf instructors will introduce you to the natural beauty of the Portuguese coast— including the most popular surf spots, select hotels, and vivacious nightlife."

Surfing In PortugalCoxos ericeira portugal: Portugal is a great place to visit. It is still relatively inexpensive and the country is beautiful. I went there in September 2007 and had a great experience. Definitely a must do trip if you haven't surfed in Europe. The surf spots are spread out so a guided tour is the way to go. Check out Surfing In Portugal Guided Surf Trips on

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