Thursday, January 11, 2007

Crowds and Cell Phones.

Crowds and Cell Phones.

We're all guilty of this one. Your'e down checking your local spot and you notice it looks kind of fun and the crowd is minimal. Nice... You think, hey? I'll call my buddy and tell him to come down because it looks fun. It so happens that the other 5 or 6 guys on the beach have done the same thing. Then all of the "buddies" call someone else and so on. By the time you get suited up and out in the line up the parking lot is filling up and the spot is crowded.

There are some advantages: (1) You have your own crowd in the line up. It's easier to take over a peak if you have the numbers. If it's going to get crowded anyway, it's better have more of your own friends in the line up. (2) It saves valuable surf time. You can just check out your closest spot and call your buddy at another spot without having to drive there. How many times do you end up checking you favorite spot, drive up and down the coast, and end up surfing the first spot you checked loosing surf time? (3) It saves on fuel consumption. Better for you wallet and the environment.

Next time it looks fun and is uncrowded, take a moment and think about it.

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